Furniture made of steel or with steel elements is in vogue - both in the commercial and private sector. In combination with wood, they look particularly good. For example, wooden tables or chairs can be combined with legs or frames made of steel. The result is an incomparable industrial look - modern yet warm.

What kind of steel furniture is available?


  • Steel cabinets, for example our ZUNFT highboard
  • Lowboards and highboards, such as the ZUNFT lowboard or the ZUNFT highboard
  • Chests of drawers, for example our chest of drawers ZUNFT
  • Table frames and table legs made of steel or entire tables and stools with steel legs

What are the advantages of steel furniture?


  • Stable, robust material, for example steel frames for your tables, benches, chairs or stools - or even cupboards made of resilient steel
  • Steel furniture offers a distinctive industrial design
  • Steel furniture can be easily integrated into living areas

Where can furniture made of sheet steel be integrated?

Sheet steel furniture is popular in both the private and commercial sectors. As furniture in industrial design, it makes a perfect combination of steel frames and wooden furniture in living areas that already use wood or a wooden look. Imagine a living area with a parquet floor or similar "wooden" subfloor and a fireplace made of dark steel. Nearby is a living room or dining room table with a wooden top and steel frame. This makes your living area look warm, inviting and at the same time modern and elegant.

With chests of drawers, high and lowboards as well as cabinets made of steel, at least a certain amount of caution is advisable in living areas, as the material is quite dark. Accordingly, furniture in industrial design should only be used in otherwise very light rooms. In contrast, it is very suitable for commercial and industrial areas. Due to its high load-bearing capacity, steel furniture could also be the right choice for your company.

Browse our range or contact us - together we will find the right steel furniture for your application!

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