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Safety gloves

Working gloves

For personal protective equipment, in short PSA, work gloves in the working environment are indispensable to protect the hands from injuries, dangers and dirt. The work gloves offered by us not only offer the necessary protection, but also offer you a comfortable fit to achieve the objectives of the work requirements. Protective gloves are made from many different materials and they often have special coatings. Many mounting gloves are made of polyester with a non-slip latex coating. Most sweater gloves, on the other hand, consist of durable leather or a flame retardant fabric.

These work gloves are designed to meet the respective work requirements. In this way, they are used in crafts, construction and storage. These are also ideal for private crafts.

Various sizes

Work gloves are available in different sizes and colors to ensure an optimal fit for any hand size. These vary from small, over average to very large sizes. A non-fitting design can cause the gloves to slip off or restrict mobility.

Various colors

The different colors not only look good visually, but can also identify the work inserts. Color-coded gloves can also be used in certain danger areas.

Characteristics briefly summarized

  • Reduces the risk of cut, stitch, abrasion and squeeze injuries
  • Prevents skin contact with dangerous substances and reduces the risk of infections
  • Special coatings or materials provide better grip and control when handling tools and materials
  • Work gloves are often ergonomically designed to improve comfort and handling, which reduces fatigue of hands

Look around, we offer a variety of work gloves in different sizes and colors to suit everyone

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