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Are you looking for high-quality and at the same time visually appealing metal sheets? Then you have come to the right place at rapa GmbH! We offer you a large selection of different metal sheets. All our metal sheets meet the highest quality standards and can gladly be customised to the dimensions you require.

Large selection: Sheets made from different raw materials

Sheet metal comes in countless shapes and sizes. They are usually based on large metal plates that differ in thickness and the raw material used. In our assortment, you can expect custom-made sheets made of the different materials.

- Due to their low weight and flexibility, customised aluminium sheets are very suitable for the areas of vehicle construction and shipbuilding. Do-it-yourselfers also benefit from the ease with which aluminium sheets can be processed.
- In addition to the standard aluminium sheets, we also offer aluminium chequer plates, also known as tear plates.
- Our custom-made stainless steel sheets in V2A quality, on the other hand, are predestined for the food industry due to their easy-care and rust-free properties.
- DC01 sheet is a cold-rolled sheet with a thickness of between 0.50 mm and 2.99 mm. - The corrosion resistance distinguishes galvanised steel sheets from all our other made-to-measure sheets. Using the sheets outdoors is not a problem as they are not susceptible to weathering.
- Sheet metal profiles in various designs (L-profile, U-profile, Z-profile) are manufactured in length according to your individual measurements and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Production process of our high-quality sheets

The production of sheet metal begins with a cast steel block, the so-called slab, which is heated. The now formable material is reduced in thickness and stretched in width by rolling it several times. How often this process has to be repeated depends on the steel grade. Once the sheet has reached the desired dimension, the hot rolling process is complete. The end product is called hot strip.

However, the steel can only be rolled to a certain thickness by hot rolling. To produce thinner material, the process of cold rolling at room temperature must then be carried out. In this way, thinner sheets can be produced, which are also convincing in their strength as well as with their clean, even surface.

Buying sheet metal from rapa GmbH

Many years of experience and modern technology in our production make us specialists for sheet metal and sheet metal blanks of all kinds. We will be happy to advise you on your project or on our products. Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone, e-mail or via our contact form.

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