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Thin sheet DC01

Thin sheet DC01

A sheet is called thin sheet if the thickness is between 0.35 mm and 2.99 mm. Our thin sheets DC01 are made of the material ST 1203 and are lightly oiled according to EN10330. Cold rolled sheets vs. hot rolled sheets
In the preliminary step for processing, sheets are subjected to various procedures:

- The steel is rolled onto coils in the form of a hot strip. This material can be used directly in mechanical engineering, for example.
- For further processing, the sheet is cold-rolled. Thus, the material is ready for use in the industrial or arts and crafts sector.

The properties of cold-rolled sheet compared to hot-rolled sheet are better surface quality, good forming behaviour, lower tolerances and smaller sheet thicknesses. Cold rolled sheets can be found in versatile fields of application. Among them:

- Tube and profile industry
- automotive industry
- Enamelling industry
- Drum industry
- building industry
- Sanitary supplies
- Do-it-yourself


Thin sheets and their production

Thin sheet is essentially produced by first hot-rolling the starting material. This process is called hot wide strip rolling. So-called slabs are used for this, which are heated. This allows a sheet thickness of about two to 15 mm to be achieved.

Since the sheet cannot be rolled as thin as desired during hot rolling, it is then cold rolled. Significantly lower thicknesses can be achieved here. At room temperature, the DC01 is rolled to a thickness of less than 3 mm.

Afterwards, the surface of the thin sheet is usually refined. This is because the strength and corrosion resistance of galvanised sheet is significantly improved. So next the sheets go through the galvanising step. In the process of hot-dip galvanising, liquid zinc is applied to the sheet, forming a protective layer. Galvanising takes place in an electrolyte bath and under current. The anode consists of zinc, the sheet metal is the cathode. The sheet is refined here with a thin zinc layer through electrochemical deposition.


Thin sheets DC01 at Schmiedekult

All thin sheets are cut into different dimensions and can then be processed in further steps.

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