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sheet metal profiles

Whether for new construction or renovation measures - sheet metal profiles are usually of central importance. Construction companies but also private builders are served by us with sheet metal edging cut to size. We always work with high-quality materials and manufacture our products with the highest precision.

The sheet metal profiles are bent by 90° so that the sheets can be attached to the sides or corners. They thus serve as protection for the edges as well as a neat finish.

Types of profiles of the edging sheets

In our online shop, you can obtain sheet metal profiles in a wide variety of designs. For example, we stock flashings made of aluminium, stainless steel (V2A) or steel. In addition, you can choose between galvanised products or corrugated sheets, depending on your building project.

Furthermore, we carry various types of profiles that are required depending on the application. These include the following:

  • L-profiles represent the classic customised sheet metal edgings.
  • U-profiles can be used as a cover or construction aid.
  • Z-profiles are used in steel construction as well as in the building industry to protect edges.

Order customised sheet metal edging

All the sheet metal profiles mentioned can be ordered conveniently online. To do this, take individual measurements of your component or similar. We only need exact information about the material thickness in mm, the angle measurement of the outer dimension in mm as well as the desired length of the edging sheet. Furthermore, the visible side can be freely selected. We then bend the sheet metal accordingly for your building project.

Areas of application for sheet metal profiles

The different designs of the sheet metal profiles as well as the possibility of manufacturing in different materials enables the application in many areas. These include, for example, the following:

  • Wall covering
  • Wall cladding or boarding
  • Corner protectors
  • Cable duct
  • Support for workbench
  • Sheets for repair
  • Creation of profiles e.g. in dry construction, for industry or handicrafts
  • Decorative or construction elements in the house or garden

We are happy to support you in the conception of your building project. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions regarding the configuration of your sheet metal profiles or with general queries.

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