Soon you will find our new series ZUNFT, furniture in industrial design from the brand ERZINNO©.

The series Zunft bears its name because of its future quality assurance and the merger of several crafts.
In addition to the metal trade, the wood trade, glass trade, painting trade and later the electrical trade and leather trade will also ensure the high quality.
Product quality and a fair price are to be found in this series. You value quality and extreme durability.
For you comes ZUNFT today!
  • Only high-quality raw materials are processed.
  • Each cabinet is unique, to ensure the authenticity, not only the serial number is affixed to the type plate, but also to the frame.
For our products we use mild steel S235JR. The scale layer, which is formed during the production of the profiles, gives the surface, which is then called raw/bright. The scale layer is the decorative and noble-looking part and thus characterises the desired steel industry or vintage style. The welds are sanded after welding.

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