Fire Columns

The fire pillar is an individual decoration element

The fire pillar is an object that can be used in a variety of ways outdoors or indoors. As a fireplace, it can be used both as a decorative element and for the production of heat outdoors.

High quality metal accessory

The special feature of the column is that it is made of metal and thus robust enough for outdoor use. The rust, which forms on the column over time and gives the metal a particularly attractive patina, is intentional. The pillar of fire is always produced in high quality work in Germany. For this purpose, the metal is first plasma cut, then bent into the required shapes and finally welded. The fire pillar can thus be used in a variety of ways in the garden and can be used as a large outdoor torch made of metal or as an attractive light source. Not only in the garden, but also in the interior, the column with its attractive grate, which it sets automatically during the course of use, is very well applicable.

Individual and desired patina due to rust formation

The grate that the metal fire pillar forms during use is just as individual and natural as the material wood. As the formation of rust on the fire pillar cannot be planned, individual individual pieces are created in the course of use, which can be used for decorative purposes in the garden as well as indoors. The peculiarity of the patina, which results from the rust on the fire pillar, can take on different colours and range from an orange tone to a warm brown tone. This means that every fire pillar is always unique. As soon as the pillar of fire is exposed to the weather, the charming patina forms automatically.

And how does a pillar of fire develop?

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