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Fire Columns

?The fire column is a versatile decorative object that can be used outdoors or indoors. As a fireplace, it can be used both as a decorative element and for generating heat outdoors.

Fire generated in the hollow body of the stainless steel fire column rises straight upwards due to the chimney effect. When the fire is particularly strong, the flames also escape through the decorative openings of the fire column.

The lighting of a fire in the column can be achieved with wood. Alternatively, all of our grate fire columns or fire baskets are also suitable as containers for outdoor torches. This way, the light source can be controlled at any time and no flying sparks occur.

Stainless steel fire column: the high-quality accessory made of metal

The special feature of the column is that it is made of non-flammable material, metal, and is therefore robust enough for outdoor use. The rust that forms on the column over time (several months) is deliberate and gives the metal a particularly attractive patina. The rust fire pillar is always handcrafted in Germany to a high standard. The metal is first plasma-cut, then bent into the desired shapes and finally welded. The stainless steel fire column can therefore be used in many ways in the garden and can be used as a large outdoor torch made of metal or as a charming source of light. But not only in the garden, but also indoors, the column with its appealing rust can be used very well.

Individual and desired patina due to rust

The (precious) rust that the metal fire column develops in the course of use is just as individual and natural as the material wood. Since the formation of rust on the fire column cannot be planned, individual unique pieces are created over time, which can be used in the garden as well as indoors as a decorative element. The patina that results from the rust on the fire column can take on different colours and range from an orange tone to a warm brown tone. This means that each fire column is always unique. As soon as the fire column is exposed to the weather, the charming patina forms automatically.

And how is a fire column created?

In the video you can learn more about the creation of a fire column and the plasma cutting process used for it.

Rust fire column from Schmiedekult

In our online shop we present a large selection of different handmade fire columns. With a standard size of 1.40 m and the many different, detailed patterns such as blossoms, bamboo or moon and stars, the stainless steel fire column is a special eye-catcher in your garden or home.

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