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A quick selection of our best-selling sheets.
Single-sided foiled aluminium sheets in various thicknesses and grades. Here you will find your desired size down to the small format sheet.
0,8mm Alublech  1mm Alublech  1,5mm Alublech  2mm Alublech  3mm Alublech  4mm Alublech  5mm Alublech

Here you will find a selection of our tear sheets in various thicknesses, these are also available in small sizes.
Alublech duett 15 20 Träne  Alublech duett 2,5 4,0 tränenblech  Alublech duett 3,5 5,0 tränenblech

At rapa GmbH you can obtain high-quality aluminium sheets made to measure in the quality AL99 AW 1050A H14/H24 EN 573-3 / EN 485-1 in various lengths and widths. Any dimensions between 100 mm and 1000 mm width and length are available as standard.

Special features of aluminium sheets cut to size
Natural bright aluminium is an untreated material that offers many advantages. The following are particularly noteworthy:

  • good weldability
  • very good anodising properties
  • good seawater resistance

Furthermore, it can be assumed that aluminium sheets do not rust like normal steel sheets. No orange rust layer can form. Instead, a thin, protective oxide layer forms when exposed to air. This makes the surface of the made-to-measure aluminium sheet much duller and matt. However, the protective layer allows the sheets to be used outdoors without any problems.

How can custom-made aluminium sheet be used?

Thanks to their robustness and ease of processing, customised aluminium sheets are suitable for a wide range of applications in both the industrial and private sectors. This includes, for example, container construction, but also shipbuilding and in machine and fixture construction. Aluminium sheets are also popular for the renovation of roofs, as the material is significantly cheaper than copper and at least as suitable for outdoor use. Vehicle construction, on the other hand, benefits from the low weight of aluminium. For example, customised aluminium sheets are often used for cladding or individual repairs.

Order your required customised aluminium sheet quickly and easily online in our shop. We produce the cut to size with millimetre precision using hydraulic guillotine shears or a laser. All sheets are foiled on one side and are ready for further processing.

If you have individual questions about the product, please contact our service team at any time: by e-mail or via our contact form.

We look forward to receiving your order!

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