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Safety & Workwear

Safety and working clothing

Industrial safety and clothing play a central role in ensuring the safety and health of workers in various industries. Both aspects are designed to minimize workplace risks and create a safe working environment.

Industrial safety

Work protection covers all measures aimed at preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases. These include:

  • Identification and assessment of potential workplace hazards
  • In addition, rules and standards must be complied with to minimize risks
  • It is also necessary to carry out regular training for employees in order to inform them about safety procedures and the handling of dangerous situations.
  • Machines and tools should meet the highest safety standards and be regularly maintained
  • Personal protective equipment, also known as PSA, includes the provision of equipment such as helmets, gloves, safety goggles and hearing protection to prevent specific hazards

Working clothes

Workwear not only serves the protection, but also the identification and comfort of employees. It is adapted to the requirements of the workplace.

  • Hearing protection is an essential part of the PSA, in particular in environments with high noise levels
  • Protective and working clothing serves to increase the visibility of the carrier even in poor light conditions and to avoid injuries. In addition, a quality workwear can improve the wearing comfort and freedom of movement, increasing the productivity and well-being of employees
  • An important part of the PSA are the work gloves, these avoid injuries and dirt deposits on the hands

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