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Decorative items are part of the furnishing of a flat or a house. Metal decorations in particular can enhance your own four walls, but also your outdoor area. Our large selection of steel decorations is sure to include items that suit your taste. From fire pillars in precious rust look, to our popular outdoor torches, to other decorative items such as candle holders or various wall decorations - create a cosy atmosphere!

Integrate metal decorations into your home

Steel decorations in various designs can be combined with any interior style and give your home a personal touch. Especially fans of vintage or rustic decorations will get their money's worth in our online shop. Many of our products focus on playful design and antique-looking decorations made of metal.

For the interior, various decorative items for the wall, candle holders or coat rails made of stainless steel are suitable.
You can enhance your outdoor area with our fire columns, outdoor candles, torches, lanterns or fire baskets.
You will even find stylish grave vases for individual flowers or small bouquets in our range.

Rust, the main player in our online shop

A particularly important role is played by the so-called precious rust, which mainly decorates our fire columns. Rust is just as natural as wood and can always look different. The untreated sheet steel will develop an individual patina over time. The colouring that occurs can range from orange to a warm brown tone. Each fire column is therefore unique and can also develop further in your home in the garden or within the four walls.

Buy steel decorations from rapa GmbH

Without decorations, our home would be somewhat empty and dreary. That's why we at rapa provide you with a wide range of metal decorations in our online shop. Set deliberate accents with our products - whether in your home or in your garden.

On request, we will be happy to provide you with further information on the individual products. Please feel free to contact our service team by phone or use our contact form.

We would be pleased if our metal decorations can contribute a small part to the cosiness in your home or outdoor area.

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