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Bar railing

Bar railings available in a practical kit

Bar railings serve as fall protection on balconies or terraces. They are made of weather-resistant, durable stainless steel in V2A quality and can therefore be used outdoors without hesitation.

Our service includes the assembly of a stainless steel railing kit, so that you only have to take care of the installation. The handrail supports and the base plate are already firmly welded to the posts, so nothing stands in the way of uncomplicated and simple assembly. The supplied parts of the railing kit only need to be screwed together.

Stainless steel railing kit in different versions

The application possibilities of a handrail are manifold - mostly it is attached to the balcony. You can also get high-quality handrails for the staircase from us!

Depending on the construction of the balcony, a special railing is required. Discover the selection in our online shop! We offer you rod railings in I-shape, in L-shape or in U-shape. In this way, every balcony and every terrace can be optimally secured.

You can also choose between different post heights. The desired railing height should be measured from the upper edge of the floor covering to the lower edge of the handrail tube.

The handrail can be manufactured either for surface mounting or for side mounting. Please let us know your individual requirements.

Building regulations for balcony railings

Before ordering and installing your railing, find out about the building regulations for installing a balcony railing. These vary depending on the federal state.

Your advantage at Schmiedekult: Our balustrades comply with all the necessary building regulations. The height of the railing kits is at least 110 centimetres. All high-quality components fit together perfectly, many individual parts have already been firmly welded to increase safety. In addition, only high-quality screws and dowels are used that are suitable for the emerging load of the bar railing. Thus, with our stainless steel railing kits, we guarantee the highest safety and quality for your own home!

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