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Steel bars

Steel bars are bar-shaped long materials that are made of solid steel and have the same cross-section over the entire length. In our online shop you can buy bar steel in different grades and shapes.

As standard, we use S235 JR as material, which is EN10058 / EN10025 certified. We manufacture steel bars in the lengths, grades and quantities you require. A wide range of flat steel bars as well as round steel bars are available.

Production of bar steel

The process of hot rolling is used for the production of steel bars. The raw steel is heated and shaped by rolling. The scale that forms on the surface can be removed later. If this intermediate step is not carried out, there is a risk that the bar steel will turn black due to the reaction with the oxygen in the air.

Where is bar steel used?

Designers like to use steel bars because the range of products on offer is very large and therefore a wide variety of tasks can be solved with commercially available material.

In general, the use of steel bars is possible in many areas. For example, the application ranges from treads on garage doors to the reinforcement of roof beams. There are also numerous applications for bar steel in the industrial sector. Among them are the following:

the automotive and commercial vehicle industry: bar steel is needed for the production of gear wheels or transmission shafts
the tool industry: drills, chisels or spanners are made of bar steel
Mechanical and plant engineering
Agricultural engineering: steel bars are suitable for the production of tools for soil cultivation.

Bar steel available in lengths up to 3000 mm

We will be happy to cut the required steel bars to your desired dimensions using high-quality machines. To do this, use the selection options from 100 mm to 3000 mm directly with the products. Select the next larger length and note the exact desired dimension in the comment field when ordering. Special dimensions can also be entered here. We cut all components from the flat steel and round steel categories to size for you!

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