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Furthermore, we carry various mounting sets, which include various tools. They contribute to easy wall or floor mounting, whether in the form of gluing or drilling.

Tips for the correct attachment of your railing

There are a few tips to keep in mind when fixing your railing to ensure a stable, secure and durable fixing:

1.) Make sure you know what surface you are working with. There should be no surprises e.g. if you hit iron after a few millimeters. In this case, it is even worth analyzing by drilling a test hole.

2) Try to avoid wrong drilling. If the borehole is set incorrectly, the statics cannot be maintained. Stop drilling immediately if you see that the spacing or similar is not correct. Incorrectly drilled holes can be cleaned and filled with composite mortar.

3.) Make sure that the correct spacing is maintained. The railing attachment should not be set too close to the edge, nor should the spacing between railing posts be too great. Calculate and dimension the proper spacing for railing attachment before starting work.

Railing fastening at rapa GmbH

If you have any questions about the products or if you are unsure which fastening accessories you need, please feel free to contact our service team. We are available by phone or via our contact form at any time.

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