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Table frame made to measure

To determine the height of solid table tops, you normally simply subtract the thickness of the table top from the desired table height.
For example, if the table is to be 77 cm high and the tabletop is 4 cm thick, the frame is 77 cm - 4 cm, i.e. 73 cm high.
By the way, 73cm is the most frequently purchased height.

When using a double table top, it is important to determine the mounting position of the table frame. If, for example, you use table runners that are mounted flush with the front edges, you proceed as above, i.e. table height minus tabletop thickness equals runner height. If, however, a narrower table frame is to be fitted or the table base is to be recessed, the frame must be planned higher. In this case, the calculation is as follows: table height minus half the tabletop thickness equals table frame height.

Rust can form on table frames made of raw steel. Rust can form on table frames made of raw steel. Even normal living room humidity is sufficient. That is why we always recommend a final coating.

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