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Stainless steel

High-quality stainless steel sheets made to measure are available in different variants. In principle, these are available in V2A and V4A quality. The differences mainly relate to the special properties of the sheets:

V2A custom-made stainless steel sheets are rust-resistant and are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Due to its easy-care properties, V2A stainless steel can also be used very well in the private sector, for example as kitchen panelling.
V4A stainless steel, on the other hand, is not only rust-resistant, but even acid-resistant. The remaining properties overlap with V2A stainless steel. V4A stainless steel sheets made to measure are therefore used in the chemical industry, in shipbuilding and swimming pool construction.

Area of application of customised stainless steel sheets

The sheets are used in many different areas. Architects, for example, like to use stainless steel sheets for cladding facades. But they can also be used inside buildings, for example, as the basis for strip doors. Other fields of application for the stainless steel sheets are:

  • Construction
  • Construction / mechanical engineering
  • Transport technology
  • Food industry
  • Environmental technology
  • Gastronomy
  • Water management and offshore technology
  • Chemical and cosmetics industry
  • Shipbuilding / automotive engineering
  • Pharmaceutical and medical industry

Made-to-measure stainless steel sheet is also a popular material in the private sector!

How are custom-made stainless steel sheets maintained?

In order to ensure the longevity of the custom-made stainless steel sheet, it should be cared for accordingly. The radiant appearance can be maintained with just a few basic care instructions.

Our stainless steel sheets are supplied with a special protective film on one side. To remove this, a hairdryer is suitable, which gently loosens the adhesive. It should then be possible to remove the film effortlessly.

Clean the sheet with a gentle cleaning agent that does not cause scratches. Especially with V2A stainless steel, acidic care products should not be used, as this could discolour the surface. Coarse grease stains, however, can easily be removed with kitchen cleaner or spirit using a microfibre cloth.

Buy stainless steel blanks made to measure

Of course, we will cut the stainless steel sheets you need to size. Because it is actually NOT advisable to cut stainless steel to size yourself. Even for skilled craftsmen, it is difficult to make a stainless steel cut to measure without suitable machines. How and where is the sheet metal placed? What protective clothing is necessary? Do you have a steady hand to get a straight cut edge at the end? All these questions are evidence of uncertainty when cutting stainless steel. Therefore, you are welcome to leave this difficult task to us. We are your professional partner for customised stainless steel cuts! Simply use our configurator and tell us the exact dimensions (length and width).

If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact the Rapa GmbH team at any time. We look forward to receiving your order!

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