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French balconies

A French balcony has little to do with a conventional balcony, as you cannot step out onto it. Rather, it is a fall protection, which is mainly attached to floor-to-ceiling windows. The French balcony is mainly used when, for reasons of building law, a "real" balcony is not possible, but the maximum amount of light entering the room should be achieved. This type of railing, also called "Parisian window", protrudes only minimally from the facade and fulfills mainly safety-related functions. But the appearance of the facade is also enhanced by a French balcony.

Observe building regulations when planning a French balcony

When planning and installing your French balcony, be sure to observe the building regulations of your federal state. This specifies exactly what height the railing must have for floor-to-ceiling windows. The norm is a height of 90 centimeters. However, if there are small children living in the household, a height of at least one meter is recommended, or even up to 1.10 meters in high residential areas. The fall height is also defined here. This is made up of the difference in height between the railing and the next lower surface. This in turn must also be able to catch the falling person in terms of its load-bearing capacity and dimensions.

Stainless steel French balcony

Stainless steel is defined as alloyed or unalloyed steels with a special degree of purity. However, the resistance depends on the type of steel, processing and chemical post-treatment (pickling and passivation). Furthermore, the material stainless steel is also characterized by a special corrosion resistance.

The great advantage of a French balcony made of stainless steel is therefore that it is particularly low-maintenance and weather-resistant. Thus, the French balcony looks impeccable even after years. The modern look also convinces many homeowners; such a railing often enhances the facade of houses in the modern architectural style. Decorated with flower boxes, a French balcony is an ornament.

French balcony at rapa GmbH

Our French balconies are made of V2A stainless steel to your individual dimensions (width, height, reveal dimension, type of fastening). In addition, kits are available that contain all the necessary components and enable uncomplicated and quick self-assembly.

If you have any questions about the product, if you need further information about the fastening or if you have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us via our contact form.

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