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Stainless Steel handrail

You can easily buy a stainless steel handrail online at Schmiedekult. To do so, select the desired model and enter the required dimensions in our configurator. All stainless steel handrails are supplied with matching handrail holders and pre-drilled holes for installation. The ready-to-install stainless steel handrails also come with all the necessary dowels and screws.

Stainless steel handrails: Made to measure

We manufacture each stainless steel handrail individually according to your measurements and exactly to your ideas. Whether in the form of a straight handrail or an angled version, you will receive the stainless steel stair railing in one piece. All our products are made of high-quality stainless steel (V2A) and Made In Germany. We manufacture stainless steel handrails under the highest quality standards, which ensure a high level of safety on the staircase.

Different models of stainless steel handrail available

Our range includes stainless steel handrails in round and square shapes. Both handrails can be configured to individual requirements up to a length of eight metres.

A round stainless steel handrail represents the classic handrail. Made of high-quality V2A stainless steel, the handrail convinces with a pleasant as well as safe grip thanks to its round shape. This makes a round stainless steel handrail ideal for private use, but it is also popular in hospitals or retirement homes.

The angular stainless steel handrail convinces with the same corner points as a round handrail. However, it is best suited in combination with modern furnishings. Due to the robust material, our stainless steel handrails can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Stair railings incl. safety requirements

Our stainless steel stair railings are always an eye-catcher. The trick is to choose a railing that matches your home and the rest of the furnishings. In addition, certain safety requirements must be met. This is especially true for public areas such as office buildings but also hospitals. For example, stainless steel handrails installed indoors should never be placed in such a way that a child could push its head through. Outdoors, the use of a weatherproof material is necessary. In addition, the stainless steel handrail should have a comfortable grip to prevent slipping on the stairs.

Further legal requirements are also:

The material must not absorb a lot of heat in summer and must definitely not ice up in winter.
During installation, the minimum height of 100 centimetres must be observed.
If the fall height is even more than twelve metres, the stainless steel handrail must even be installed at 110 centimetres.

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