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Flat steel

We cut flat steel to size using the latest technology. You simply select the required length directly from the product. All lengths between 100 mm and 3000 mm are available. However, the width and height of the flat bars are standardised.

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Advantages of flat steel

Our flat steel has the great advantages of being extremely strong on the one hand but still deformable on the other. The process of hot rolling creates these long products, to which flat steel belongs.

If the steel product needs to be thinner, then the process of cold rolling is added until the desired dimensions are achieved.

Different types of flat steel

In the steel trade, the term flat steel or flat iron is often used. But in fact there are three different terms behind it:

  • Flat steel is the umbrella term for a large number of different dimensional widths and thicknesses.
  • Strip steel refers to all sheet metal profiles that are thinner than 5 mm.
  • Wide flat steel: If the steel width is over 150 mm, the product is called wide flat steel.


Use of flat steel

Our flat iron products are used in the house, flat or garden. They are also suitable for commercial use. Despite their high stability, the flat steel profiles can still be easily bent into shape and are therefore suitable as a construction element for numerous (professional) indoor and outdoor applications.
Concrete examples are:

  • Mechanical engineering & production technology
  • Frames & exhibition stands
  • Railings for balconies, terraces or stairs
  • Construction for tables, shelves or other furniture
  • Edge reinforcement / edge protection

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