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Outdoor torches

Outdoor torches create a harmonious natural illumination of your home garden or balcony all year round - so do the torches for your garden from erzinno. They impress with innovation, design and function.

The erzinno outdoor torch is formed from a special cardboard fabric. It not only looks like an oversized candle, it also burns similarly to a conventional wax candle. The cardboard fabric takes over the function of the candle wick, heats the wax and ensures even burning. With a burning time of 24 hours, the outdoor torch provides a dreamlike ambience in your garden for one day and one night. Furthermore, the torch for the garden can be refilled at any time with the help of refill wax or wax residues. Thus, the burning time is significantly extended and you can enjoy the warm glowing flames longer.

Torches for your garden as an eye-catcher at parties

Whether at the barbecue, at a company event or on a warm summer evening with your loved ones - the outdoor torch from erzinno perfectly decorates every moment. Place the torches on the left and right side of the path to the office -, house entrance or garden to illuminate the way atmospherically. With this illuminating torch avenue, you show your guests the way and thus warmly welcome every visitor. Even on rainy or windy days, the torches create, thanks to the weather resistance, a great lighting and are particularly pleasant, because no annoying flying sparks.

Tip:Use our practical fire pillars as a container for the outdoor torches. In this way, you directly create a festive, inviting atmosphere and also you can be sure that the torches have a safe stand.

Important information about the outdoor torch

Thanks to the burn-through-proof bottom, the torch can stand on almost all floors. Like a candle, the torch burns down safely, it does not drip and it extinguishes itself once it has burned down. Nevertheless, the outdoor torch from erzinno is also considered a fireplace. Therefore, please note that as an open fireplace, the outdoor torch must be supervised. Do not place the torches under dry trees or bushes.

Tip: Position a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher by the outdoor torch to enjoy the evening with peace of mind.

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