Outdoor torches

Outdoor Torch by erzinno - ambience and style for your garden
The outdoor torch impresses with innovation, design and function. The erzinno torch is molded from a special cardboard fabric. Not only does it look like an oversized candle, it also burns like a traditional wax candle. The cardboard fabric assumes the function of the candle cooker and melts the wax slowly down. With a burning time of 24 hours, the outdoor torch provides for a day and a night long dreamlike ambience in your garden.

Ideal for the summer party, wedding or company anniversary
Whether at the barbecue party, at an event of the company or only on a warm summer evening with your loved one - the outdoor torch by erzinno decorates every moment perfectly. Place the torches left and right along the wayside to the office, house entrance or garden. With this illuminating torch alley, you show your guests the way and welcome every visitor warmly.

Open fireplace - please note!
Thanks to the burn-safe bottom, the torch can stand on almost all floors. The torch burns down safely like a candle. Nevertheless, the outdoor torch of erzinno also counts as a fire pit. Please note that the outdoor torch must be under supervision as an open fireplace. Do not place the torches under dry trees or shrubs. Tip: Place a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher on the side, perfectly equipped, you can enjoy your evening calmed down.

weatherproof, can also be used in the rain
Ideal for your outdoor event
Burning time up to approx. 24 hours
made of unique cardboard

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