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for free-standing handrail

A slope in the garden or in front of the house entrance can be a challenge from two points of view. First, managing the climb can be strenuous for older people. Secondly, the installation of a suitable railing should not be underestimated either. With our help, and with our high-quality railing posts for a free-standing handrail, you can overcome both challenges. Our handrail accessories can also be customized and made to measure, so your home can be enriched with them.

High quality stainless steel railing posts

Stainless steel railings are not only timeless and currently in vogue, but also impress with their robustness against external influences such as scratches or extreme weather conditions. The posts for the free-standing handrail are manufactured in our forge in the usual locksmith quality from high-quality stainless steel in V2A quality and thus convince with their long durability. They are also very suitable for outdoor use, such as for a staircase in the garden or the ascent to the terrace.

Assortment of posts for free-standing handrails

In our online store, you have the option to choose from a variety of products. The railing posts for your freestanding handrail differ only in their mounting form.

Railing posts for freestanding handrail for floor mounting

Stainless steel posts for your free-standing handrail for wall mounting
No matter which option is best for your project, you can assume that the handrail supports are already firmly welded to the post. Another advantage you will benefit from during installation is the individually adjustable inclination of the handrail support plate. Thus, the handrail can be easily adjusted to fit your up or down slope at home. Please keep in mind that the handrail bracket is not adjustable for corner posts.

If you have any further questions about the product, the mounting form, etc., please feel free to contact us at any time by phone at 02851 96 77 255 or write to us via our contact form.

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