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The elaborately decorated balcony or beautifully maintained staircase is usually hidden by the railing. With the railing posts with glass holder, a glass front can be installed and allows you to see through to the terrace or the staircase. The railing, consisting of balusters with glass filling, is considered very aesthetic and popular. The railing posts with glass holders manage to securely fasten the glass panels.

The railing posts for glass can be ordered individually and are not together in a prefabricated package. Thus, each individual project can be approached and the required number purchased. The wide range of different balusters for glass allows you to implement even the most difficult concepts. For short sections of stairs or places where it is difficult to install a railing, a freestanding railing post with handrail is recommended.

Railing posts for glass in various designs

To ensure that there is a suitable post for every project, railing posts with glass holders are available in four different choices. For the mounting method, you can choose between floor mounting and wall mounting. Thus, the railing post for glass can be attached to the terrace as well as practically on the side of the terrace. For a complete railing you need end posts, middle posts and various corner posts. The railing posts with glass holders also differ in post height as well as glass thickness.

If the appropriate railing accessories are not here, we also offer a selection of stainless steel railing posts.

Railing posts with glass holder made of stainless steel

The railing posts for glass are made of high quality stainless steel in V2A quality and are processed by us as professional locksmiths. Railings made of stainless steel are especially convincing due to their weather resistance and timelessness.

The suitable railing post with glass holder for special needs is not easy to find? We are happy to support and advise you in the selection process. Please contact us via our contact form.

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